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North America’s Leader
in Geotechnical Construction...

Hayward Baker is committed to providing the most economical solution that satisfies the requirements of each project.


Grouting… Ground improvement… Structural Support… Earth Retention…
These are just some of the services we provide. Our experience in design and construction of geotechnical construction services spans more than six decades. The Hayward Baker suite of techniques, equipment, and experience is comprehensive and is packaged to create the most effective and economical solution.

Hayward Baker provides projects with the support necessary to withstand challenging conditions… forces from earthquakes and hurricanes… from sinkholes to landslides… in and around mountains, deserts, cities, suburbs, riverbeds, and shorelines… Hayward Baker addresses all of these, safely completing work on budget and on schedule.

The size of a project is not the defining motivator at Hayward Baker. Sharing in the client's satisfaction of a geotechnical construction job well done is what drives us. Large or small, complex or simple, every subsurface problem is one to understand and resolve.

Hayward Baker's grouting systems solve a variety of geotechnical issues for new and remedial construction. Grouting techniques can cutoff groundwater, strengthen soft in situ soils for tunneling support, remediate settlement of structures caused by soft ground tunneling, underpin structures, densify granular soils for liquefaction mitigation, construct or repair retaining walls, construct access shafts, to name a few applications. Hayward Baker is responsible for introducing chemical grouting to the U.S. market, where it was first used in the construction of the Baltimore and D.C. subways.

Hayward Baker provides the full range of ground improvement techniques. Subsurface conditions can vary greatly within a single job site and the characteristics of the in situ soil play a crucial role in determining whether soil mixing, subgrade cement stabilization or another type of ground improvement technique or group of techniques is best. More than 60 years of experience, knowledge, and skill in the use of all ground improvement and soil stabilization methods enable us to identify the best technique or combination of techniques for any project.

Hayward Baker offers structural support for a wide variety of planned and existing structures. From traditional piling systems, to specialized grouting techniques for underpinning within restricted access, Hayward Baker can design and construct your structural support solution.

Combinations of ground improvement techniques offer effective solutions when the subsurface is not suited to one particular technique. Whether the structure in question is a sensitive piece of manufacturing equipment that needs to be stabilized, a wind turbine tower with dynamic loading, a transmission tower on a cliff, a settling bridge pier, an area of earth in need of sinkhole remediation, or even the house next door, Hayward Baker possess the tools and experience to produce the structural support that you need.

Hayward Baker has experience with the full range of earth retention techniques. The technology of earth retention systems has evolved from relatively simple methods of shoring to complex subterranean reinforcement for permanent deep excavation support and stabilization of slopes. Structural retaining walls use soldier piles with lagging, sheet piles, secant piles, tangent piles, or structural diaphragm walls to resist lateral pressures from retained soil and adjacent structures, and to prevent soil raveling. Jet grouting, chemical grouting, and soil mixing construct grouted soil walls by cementing in situ soils particles together. Ground anchors provide additional lateral support for many retaining wall designs. Soil nail walls provide temporary or permanent stabilization of cuts and failed retaining walls. Anchored reaction blocks stabilize damaged or failing retaining walls.

As a geotechnical construction company, Hayward Baker also provides deep foundation contractor services beyond that of many foundation repair contractors such as ground water bariers, slurry walls, bulkhead repair, TRD soil mix walls, and slab jacking. We are the only provider of the TRD method in the United States, a technique used for more than 400 groundwater cutoff and earth retention projects.

Wick drain and earthquake drain design and installation is provided by our sister company, HB Wick Drains.

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