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An Educational Resource Library for University Professors and Students

Hayward Baker is pleased to assist the academic community by providing geotechnical information on ground improvement and soil stabilization technologies through our Academic Resources: An Educational Resource Library. Search, view and download files as a supplement to your current teaching materials.

Privacy: We will never share your personal information with outside sources. You may unsubscribe and renew subscriptions at any time.

HB Media: All posted media including publications, presentations and images are copywritten by Hayward Baker. You may duplicate Hayward Baker documents for teaching purposes. All we ask is that, where appropriate, you credit 'Hayward Baker Inc.', list our web address (, and if possible, provide a link to the web site.

Other Media: Conference papers and magazine articles are copyright protected by the publisher and should not be duplicated.

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HB to Participate in Elliott Bay Seawall Repair and Replacement Project

HB to Participate in Elliott Bay Seawall Repair and Replacement Project in Seattle
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This is to acknowledge the commitment and efforts of the Hayward Baker staff in completing the recent project at Northern Michigan Hospital. Based upon their proven commitment towards providing a quality product, professionalism, cooperation and integrity we would recommend Hayward Baker without hesitation. - Gary Rellinger, Facility Coordinator
Northern Michigan Regional Health System