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Bulkhead Support

Bulkheads commonly require remediation due to the need to deepen their dredge line to accommodate larger ships or due to deterioration experienced over their service life. Improper bulkhead design may lead to lateral deformation or failure of global or toe stability. Jet grouting underpins and structurally upgrades existing wharfs or bulkheads. Compaction grouting densifies liquefiable soils between sections of bulkhead and anchors. Vibro replacement densifies surrounding liquefiable soils to mitigate lateral spreading. Anchors can be added to increase lateral stability, and existing, corroded anchors can be replaced. Soil mixing stabilizes soils behind bulkheads to greatly reduce earth pressures, and provides stable platforms along bulkheads. Cement grouting creates stabilized, low permeability masses behind walls to stop soil loss through corroded sheetpiles. Hayward Baker has experience with the full range of geotechnical construction techniques to perform bulkhead repair and rehabilitation.

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