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Ground Improvement

Ground improvement is the primary application of many geotechnical construction techniques to achieve soil stabilization, permitting construction on soils by changing their characteristics. Soil mixing is one of several soil stabilization methods that is used to increase shear strength and reduces compressibility and permeability of soft soils, thus providing increased ground stabilisation. Dynamic compaction permits shallow spread footing construction, collapses voids, and lowers the liquefaction potential. Injection systems improve the characteristics of expansive clays. Ground stabilization services such as Rapid impact compaction permits shallow spread footing construction. Vibro compaction, vibro replacement, and Vibro Piers, improve granular soils for higher bearing capacity, reduced settlement, and reduced liquefaction potential. Other soil stabilization techniques such as Rigid inclusions reduce settlement and increase bearing capacity of weak underlying stratum. Vibro concrete columns reduce settlement, increase bearing capacity, and increase slope stability. Hayward Baker has experience with the full range of ground stabilisation and other improvement techniques to improve soils.

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