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Earth Shoring

Despite advances in construction shoring techniques, engineers and shoring contractors today still face many of the same challenges early builders faced. The design and construction of shoring systems can be complex due to the soil structure, depth of cut and ground water, weather conditions, superimposed loads, seismic loads, vibrations, and adjacent construction. Excavations in wet soil, sandy soil, or areas that have been backfilled can be unstable and require properly designed and constructed excavation shoring systems. Even hard rock can be hazardous to excavate. A shoring contractor may need to guard against an unstable excavation bottom, especially when below the water table.

Support of Excavation

Buildings, construction equipment, and stockpiled materials including soils located adjacent to an excavation result in lateral loads on construction shoring. Not permitting heavy loads to be located within the zone of influence of the shoring wall reduces or eliminates this loading. Underpinning of adjacent structures can reduce the loading on an excavation wall and reduce the risk of the building settling. Excavation shoring can be affected by vibrations from such sources as traffic, railways, blasting, and machines operated in adjacent buildings.

Common permanent and temporary shoring systems include steel sheet piling, soldier piles and lagging, jet or chemical grouting, secant or tangent piles and soil nail walls. Anchors or bracing can be used to provide lateral support of sheeting and shoring systems. Access shafts for tunneling and trenchless construction may involve a circular shoring system designed as a compression ring to resist loading. Support of excavation during construction shoring which is open for extended periods of time may require protections from weather conditions.

Extreme caution must be used during any shoring excavation and safety is of utmost importance. Hayward Baker Inc. understands the hazards associated with earth shoring and the importance of trench safety. Hayward Baker is the shoring company with experience and the full range of techniques to provide reliable earth shoring and retention.

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