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What We Do

Hayward Baker constructs the best geotechnical construction solutions for simple to complex projects in a cost-effective, timely, and safe manner. We offer full design-build services for virtually any specialty foundation application.

Subsurface conditions can vary greatly within a job site and the characteristics of the in situ soil play a crucial role in determining which geotechnical construction method is best. As the industry leader we have the knowledge, experience, and skill to make the right determination.

What we promise is only surpassed by what we deliver. TM

CSI codes for Hayward Baker's work:

02 55 00Remediation Soil Stabilization31 45 00Vibroflotation and Densification
02 57 13Sinkhole Remediation by Grouting31 46 00Needle Beams
03 37 13Shotcrete31 48 00Underpinning
03 63 00Epoxy Grouting31 50 00Excavation support and Protection
03 64 00Injection Grouting31 51 00Anchor Tiebacks
31 01 50Maintenance of Excavation Support and Protection31 52 13Sheet Piling Cofferdams
31 01 60Maintenance of Special Foundations and Load Bearing Elements31 56 00Slurry Walls
31 09 16Special Foundation and Load Bearing Elements Instrumentation and Monitoring31 62 00Driven Piles
31 32 13Soil Mixing Stabilization31 62 23.13Concrete-Filled Steel Piles
31 32 23Pressure Grouting Soil Stabilization31 60 00Special Foundations and Load Bearing Elements
31 32 33Shotcrete Soil Slope Stabilization31 63 00Bored Piles    
31 32 36Soil Nailing31 63 13Bored and Augured Test Piles
31 33 00Rock Stabilization31 63 16Auger Cast Grout Piles
31 33 13Rock Bolting and Grouting31 63 19Bored and Socketed Piles
31 33 33Shotcrete Rock Slope Stabilization
31 66 00Special Foundations
31 40 00Shoring and Underpinning31 68 00Foundation Anchors
31 41 16.13Sheet Piling31 70 00Tunneling and Mining
31 43 00Concrete Raising31 73 00Tunnel Grouting

Temporary Emergency Earth Retention for Landslide Repairs in Baltimore

Temporary Emergency Earth Retention for Landslide Repairs in Baltimore Learn more
Hayward Baker Inc. performed jet grouting work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District under two separate contracts. The work performed by Hayward Baker Inc. has been of the utmost quality on our two projects. The expertise and recommendations that were provided by your employees were an integral part of our success. - Joseph O. Elwell, Jr., P.E., Authorized Representative of Contracting Officer
Department of the Army