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Solutions for Buildings

Soft soils, sinkholes, and adjacent excavations can result in costly damages to buildings, and even jeopardize the safety of occupants. Underlying soils can be treated before construction, and sites can be treated to reduce the likelihood of future sinkholes. If problems do not manifest until after construction, treatment can be performed from within the building with small equipment and experienced crews help to ensure safe and effective operations with minimal disturbance, often while the building remains occupied. Specialty grouting and piling techniques offer surgical underpinning solutions for extending foundations to competent stratum or stabilizing foundations that can be affected by adjacent excavations. Vibro replacement, aggregate piers, and soil mixing can allow buildings to be constructed on shallow spread footings over soft soils, instead of costlier deep foundations. Existing and planned buildings have benefited from Hayward Baker’s experience in specialty geotechnical construction.

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