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Solutions for Railways

Hayward Baker’s Rail Services Division provides a variety of solutions for stabilizing proposed and existing track and structures for the rail industry. Specialty geotechnical construction techniques keep railway infrastructure on track. Railroad subgrade injection stabilizes underlying soils to stop mud pockets, arrest geometry problems, and reduce settlement. Compaction grouting stabilizes and reinforces soils, re-levels tracks, and stabilizes sinkholes. Polyurethane grouting also re-levels facilities and approaches in light rail applications. Water and chemical injection systems treat expansive soils to control heave. Vibro systems mitigate liquefaction for above grade tracks and rail tunnels, and provide bearing capacity and settlement control of embankments. Cement and jet grouting prevent subsidence due to loss of ballast during tunneling and excavations beneath railways. Soil mixing improves foundation soils to protect against global stability and seismic and settlement issues for new embankment fills. Earth retention systems remedy slope stability and excavation issues that threaten railroad infrastructure. Micropiles reinforce or replace foundations for commuter platforms, snow sheds, and railway bridges. Hayward Baker’s Rail Services Division has stabilized hundreds of miles of track throughout the U.S.

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