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Solutions for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be constructed or repaired with geotechnical construction techniques. Soldier piles with lagging, sheet piles, secant piles, tangent piles, and diaphragm walls use structural members to resist lateral pressures from retained soil and adjacent structures. TRD soil mix walls resist lateral pressures with continuous soil-cement constructed in situ. Jet grouting, soil mixing, and chemical grouting cement soil particles together to form retaining walls, and jet grouting and chemical grouting strengthen or decrease permeability of existing retaining walls. Compaction grouting densifies soils beneath planned or existing retaining walls. Vibro replacement stone columns and Vibro Piers™ support mechanically stabilized earth walls. Gabions form gravity retaining walls with interconnected stone-filled wire baskets. Ground anchors, soil nails, or bracing can be incorporated into retaining wall designs or added to existing retaining walls for stabilization or additional lateral support. Hayward Baker has experience with the full range of geotechnical construction techniques to construct new retaining walls or augment or repair existing retaining walls.

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