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Solutions for Slopes & Embankments

Slopes and embankments experience settlement, stability, and erosion problems. Soil nails create a zone of reinforced ground that functions as a soil retention system to control erosion. Anchored reaction blocks apply loads to stabilize soils at newly failed slopes or to repair existing walls. Micropile slide stabilization system (MS³) creates an integral, stabilized ground reinforcement system capable of resisting driving forces within a slope. Ground anchors, anchored reaction blocks, and can be buried after installation, and soil nail walls can receive facing to blend the system in with the landscape. Vibro replacement densifies soils beneath planned embankments for liquefaction mitigation and/or to increase stability. Vibro concrete columns are installed to support embankments. Injection systems treat expansive clays in embankments. Depending on the rate of movement and site logistics, active landslides can be treated. Slope and embankment challenges of all types have been successfully met by Hayward Baker.

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