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Solutions for Towers

Towers themselves are not particularly heavy, but are subject to high lateral loads at a distance high above their base, often resulting in a large overturning moment. Anchors add additional uplift capacity to new or existing tower foundations. Micropiles are appropriate for a wide range of ground conditions for structural support and can penetrate obstructions such as boulders. Dynamic compaction permits construction on loose fills and reduces seismic subsidence. Soil mix columns and aggregate piers create reinforced platforms for mat foundations for more uniform settlements and to resist seismic loading. Jet grouting surgically replaces in situ soils and can be performed through mat foundations for underpinning. Compaction grouting densifies loose granular soils and corrects settlement, and can be performed through existing mat foundation. Injection systems treat expansive clays. Driven piles are appropriate for a wide range of ground conditions and are suitable for land-based or marine-based towers. Fracture grouting reduces or reverses differential or total settlement and can be repeated to control ongoing tower settlement. With Hayward Baker, your tower will stand tall on a firm foundation.

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