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Vibro Concrete Columns

Vibro concrete columns is a ground improvement technique that transfers loads through weak strata to a firm underlying stratum, using high modulus concrete columns. A bottom-feed down-hole vibratory probe is advanced through the weak strata to the underlying firm stratum. Granular bearing soils are densified by the vibrator. Concrete is then pumped through the bottom feed tremie tube. The vibrator is raised and lowered several times within the bearing depth to construct an expanded base. The vibrator is then raised to the surface as concrete fills the void created by the vibrator during extraction. Typically, the vibrator also repenetrates the top of the column to construct an enlarged head which is subsequently overlain by a geogrid reinforced soil relieving platform. The technique has been used to increase allowable bearing pressure and decrease settlement for planned structures, embankments and tanks, and increase global stability for embankments.

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