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Structural Support

Hayward Baker offers structural support for a wide variety of planned and existing structures. From traditional piling systems, to specialized grouting techniques for underpinning within restricted access, Hayward Baker can design and construct your structural support solution. Combinations of ground improvement techniques offer effective solutions when the subsurface is not suited to one particular technique. Whether the structure in question is a sensitive piece of manufacturing equipment that needs to be stabilized, a wind turbine tower with dynamic loading, a transmission tower on a cliff, a settling bridge pier, a sinkhole, or even the house next door, Hayward Baker possess the tools and experience to produce the structural support that you need.

Temporary Emergency Earth Retention for Landslide Repairs in Baltimore

Temporary Emergency Earth Retention for Landslide Repairs in Baltimore Learn more
As registered professional engineers, we stand a risk to our license if a structure should fail. Therefore, it is imperative that we work with reputable and professional firms. In our long relationship with Hayward Baker I always find I can trust and rely on the firm to produce their work to a high standard, never hesitating to perform additional work to assure safety and customer satisfaction. - Lowell Wenzel, P.E.
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