A story that spans more than six decades.


Hayward Baker began a company, bearing his name, as a modest construction company that focused on specialty plumbing and sewage in the San Francisco Bay area in California.

1972 Wally Baker Color


Wallace Hayward Baker, son of Hayward Baker, began his leadership of the company with the creative vision of transforming it into a premier specialty contractor. Seeing great potential for ground modification on the planned Washington and Baltimore subway systems, he moved to our current Northern Region facility in Odenton, MD.

1986 Eng Conference


Hayward Baker was acquired by GKN Keller, renaming the company GKN Hayward Baker. Wally Baker left the company to pursue other career ventures. 

Regional offices were founded in Florida and California. An area office was also opened in Chicago to serve the Mid-West.


Hayward Baker acquired the Texas-based Woodbine Company, adding injection systems for expansive soils to a growing range of ground modification technologies.


Another name change came when principals of the Foundations Division of GKN Keller organized a managed buy-out and founded the Keller Group. GKN Hayward Baker became the present-day Hayward Baker, Inc., a Keller Company.



The Keller Group became a publicly traded company. Additionally, Bob Rubright was named President of Hayward Baker.



The Hayward Baker annual calendar tradition was first introduced.


Wallace Hayward Baker died on February 9, 1999, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.


Hayward Baker acquired TCDI, FSI, CATOH, G. Donaldson, Anderson Drilling, and Craig Olden, Inc.


Hayward Baker begins its 15 year run (2002-present) being ranked as the #1 Excavation and Foundation Contractor by Engineering News Record (ENR).

John Rubright Old Photo


John P. Rubright was named fifth president of Hayward Baker. He succeeds George R. Grisham who assumed a new role as executive vice president of Keller Foundations, Inc.


Hayward Baker acquired Geo-Foundations Contractors, Inc., a Canadian-based specialty geotechnical construction firm. It is now a subsidiary of Keller Canada. North American Energy Partners’ Piling Division, known as North American Caisson (NAC), was also acquired.


Eric Drooff was named sixth president of Hayward Baker. He succeeds John Rubright who assumed the role as Managing Director of Keller North America.


Hayward Baker acquired Ellington Cross, a regional geotechnical contractor that provides Earthquake Drain design and installation.