Geotech Solutions is an innovative way to see how Hayward Baker leverages the strengths of multiple techniques to provide our clients with the optimal solution for their project.

This version allows the user to scan the 2018 calendar and experience some of the geotechnical construction solutions developed by Hayward Baker over the last 70 years. Geotech Solutions gives users the ability to download the 2018 calendar, subscribe for updates and contact a local Hayward Baker office for further information on the company’s state-of-the-art solutions.


  • Augmented Reality feature to bring aspects of the 2018 calendar to life
  • Ability to download the 2018 calendar and future calendars
  • Experience fully illustrated and animated videos showcasing some Hayward Baker pioneered solutions and techniques
  • Location based contact feature that directs users to the nearest Hayward Baker office in your area

Download the Hayward Baker Geotech Solutions app and experience our 2018 calendar in a whole new way. Available now.

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