Grouting and Ground Improvement is a three-day course that covers engineering, equipment, materials and methods for grouting and ground modification used in civil and geotechnical engineering, underground construction, tunneling and mining.

Our Presentations

Jet Grouting

Dennis Boehm, Hayward Baker, Monday, May 14

Learn about Jet Grouting from Dennis Boehm, an industry expert who specializes in this technique.

Compensation Grouting

Dennis Boehm, Hayward Baker, Tuesday, May 15

Learn about Compensation Grouting from Dennis Boehm, an industry expert who specializes in this technique.

Freezing and Dewatering

Paul Schmall, Moretrench, Monday, May 14

Moretrench has now joined Hayward Baker and the Keller companies. Learn about Freezing and Dewatering from Paul Schmall, an expert in these techniques. 

Ground Freezing for Cross Passage Tunnel Construction

Joe Sopko, Moretrench, Tuesday, May 15

Joe Sopko will discuss basic principles of frozen earth mechanics, structural and thermal design of Frozen earth structure; and field installation highlighting key projects.

Cementitious and Acrylamide Grouting

Timothy Myers, Bencor Global, Inc., Tuesday, May 15

Listen to Timothy Myers from our sister company, Bencor Global, Inc., talk about Cementitious and Acrylamide grout material for pre-excavation grouting prior to shaft installation in Michigan.