Since 1979 the Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice course has covered pressure grouting as a method to improve geotechnical characteristics of soils and rock masses. The 39th annual course will again be held at The University of Texas at Austin and involve a notable faculty of recognized international authorities and leaders in the grouting industry. For owners, regulators, consultants, and contractors who have interest in pressure grouting to a broad array of geo-structural construction and remediation techniques.

Major topics include rheological properties of cementitious and chemical grouts and their respective applications, grouting of rock under dams, grouting of rock anchors and micropiles, deep mixing, jet grouting, cutoff walls and composite seepage barriers, compaction grouting, slab jacking, grouting for underground structures, overburden and rock drilling methods, and field monitoring/instrumentation.  The curriculum includes a half-day "hands-on" field demonstration, focusing on compaction and permeation grouting, penetration of ultrafine cements and chemical grouts, computer monitoring, grout mixing, uses of cellular grouts, overburden and rock drilling methods.

See the event website for the full schedule.

Our Presentations

Compaction Grouting

Joe Harris, Hayward Baker, Wednesday, February 14, 8am-9am

Jet Grouting

Ken Ivanetich, Hayward Baker, Friday, February 16, 8am-9:20am