Hayward Baker has crews working on residential developments across the United States.

Projects range from single family homes that require treatment for expansive clays to large mixed use urban residential projects requiring deep foundations and earth retention structures. We have provided thousands of homeowners, developers and contractors with geotechnical solutions to both large and small residential projects.


The residential multi-family development is one of the largest expanding markets in North America.

Many of the latest generation of young professionals, as well as empty nesters, are moving towards the urban cores of cities in the United States. As this development trend continues, urban construction techniques will be called upon to provide the foundations for these projects from 3- or 4-story framed structures, to residential towers with dozens of floors. We have solutions to provide the best return on investment for these structures. From zero lot line earth retaining solutions, to permanent secant walls that provide earth retention as well as vertical support for your building, to micropiles and jet grouting for underpinning adjacent structures, we can provide you with a well-designed plan that will maximize your build-able footprint.

We can also provide real time monitoring during construction of the building. This can help reduce complaints from neighbors when you can easily show them, in real time, what kind of movement or vibration was a result of the construction activities. 

Single Family

For single family home repairs, our techniques are fast, non-invasive, clean, and virtually free of vibration and noise.

We can perform our work in restricted access space, whether inside or outside of the home. In many cases, a home may be raised, closing unsightly cracks, and correcting other structural problems caused by the settlement. Our underpinning techniques won’t affect the aesthetics of your home, because the completed system is completely below ground level. Unlike many strictly residential piering companies, we have degreed and licensed engineers on staff that will be involved with your project.